(52- 20 was a subsection of the GI bill.  It promised $20 a week for 52 weeks to tide veterans over as they searched for work.)
My name is Arthur Poretz.  I was honorably discharged from Navy in 1946 and applied for 52-20 payments. I’m writing about the period but have no recollection of how I actually received the $20 each week. No checking account, no credit cards, it couldn’t have been cash in the mail. Very stumped but sure there is an answer since I’m writing about 1946 and my life after war.
Perhaps some reader remembers how these payments were made.  Please comment.

5 thoughts on “WHO REMEMBERS 52- 20?”

  1. Charles Clark writes: Got discharged in 1956 and went to the local fire station and stood in line to get mine.I was amazed at how many of us there were in that small town.

  2. Robert H. Stern writes: This was another brilliant New Deal initiative. It gave veterans a year to demobilize, decide on their future, keep the economy stable as purchasing power did not disappear, kept the economy from crashing as 14 million veterans came home. Republicans called it socialism and voted against it.

  3. Nov 12 at 1:51 PM
    By the way, that 1946 $20 a week equals almost $300 a week in today’s money (as my son researched) so we 52 20 club members did well in 1946 and 47.
    Arthur Poretz.

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